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>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not to offend anyone living in Arizona, but what the hell is going on over at the Grand Canyon State? Specifically, what's with that hag of a governor Republican Jan Brewer?

After the recent Immigration Law that is a straight out civil rights violation, not to mention the racial bias and profiling it requires to implement the law, it also made it a crime to transport illegal immigrants in the state. So if one such person has a medical emergency then he/she will have to get him/herself to a hospital somehow.

Now, Jan Brewer has signed a new law banning ethnic studies for fear that it might promote a certain group of ethnic background of people would "overthrow the US Government" or "resentment toward a race or class of people."

Also, if you are a teacher and your English is deemed to be heavily accented or ungrammatical then you won't be able to teach in Arizona anymore. "Because kids pick up what they hear." We all know the impressionable kids argument, they pick up bad habit like a sponge and kids are our future and we certainly don't want to fuck that up now, do we?

Governor Brewer is creating an environment to oppress minorities and at the same time, not letting them discuss whether it is oppression. Maybe the next step is not letting them congregate by banning any racial/lingual specific agencies, programs or street fests. I'm convinced that she's not only a racist but possibly a white supremacist.

So a Bombshell McGee wannabe got to be the governor, what is there to do? Last time I checked, even she got to be Governor through succession and not by vote, there's no easy way to impeach her. Being a racist is not a crime and at the same time I'm sure there are drones of folks supporting her agenda. Even John McCain is jumping on the band wagon and call on people to support his Super-Wall proposal to defend themselves against the Mexicans in order to gain votes for his upcoming Senatorial election. Bans of Arizona is already starting around the country and owners of hotels are already feeling the heat but will it do any good? It takes layers and layers of transactions until the state government feels the loss, with its residents still living there, they are still gaining revenues from personal, business and commercial tax. It would be highly unreasonable to ask its residents to move out of state but when would this craziness end?

Some have argued that the entire nation has pretty much accepted people of colors and it's only the few states in the middle of the country putting up their final struggles but I'm not as optimistic. There is already a man killing his Latino neighbor after calling him a Wetback but strangely it was determined that race was not a factor. For now, I still advocate for banning the hell out of Arizona until the Nazi bitch resigns, though the silver lining might come as a form of the upcoming gubernatorial election in November.

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