Foreign Concepts on Voting

>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After much negotiation, the new prime minister of Britain is finally announced to be Conservative candidate David Cameron.

Apparently even after winning the popular vote, the Conservatives did not secure enough seats in the parliament to form a majority government and have to form a liaison with the Liberal Democrat party in order to gain stability. My understanding of foreign politics is already poor, but how would a Conservative/Liberal Democratic relation works? In the US, they are polar opposites. Is the UK going to have a bipolar governmental unit? That ought to be fun.

In PA, the Democratic primary for the Senate election will be held next Wednesday and the airtime is cramped full of negative acts with Joe Sestak trying to distance himself with "career politicians" and Arlen Specter saying Joe is paying his campaign staff $4/hour while paying his relatives thousands of dollars. (Which I don't find it to be mutually exclusive, I mean if his relatives work under him for more than 250 hours for 4/hr it's still thousands of dollars, no?) The most recent attack ad from Joe Sestak is especially ugly and annoying.

It's an ugly quote from Arlen Specter where he has nobody else to blame but himself. He did say what he said and my view on it is that once you joined a party, they shouldn't make it so easy for you to change parties, even though recently the Republicans are in their way of self-destruction fighting amongst themselves and chase out moderate Republicans because they are not extreme enough. Maybe they finally heard that Charlie Crist is rumored to be a closet gay and got angry with him hugging Obama that one time. So the Republicans are getting to be the party of the irrationals and merging with the newer more profitable tea partiers, not necessarily a bad thing, but I digress. Once you belonged to a party, you are saying that you are subscribing to that philosophy. It should mean something, and switching parties and wipe your history away is all too convenient.

Though these destructive negative campaigns are only there to create a culture of non-voters. It's not like I have the right to vote but I fail to see the purpose, when both candidates are portrayed by each other to be degenerates, what's the point exactly to vote for these people? I thought I was the only one but apparently Stan from South Park felt the same way. It's not like everyday I agree with the view of South Park, but this is pretty much my point of view too:

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