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>> Sunday, May 02, 2010

So I guess Tyra Sanchez winning the 2nd season of RuPaul's Drag Race is already old news, though I have to say she's not my favorite. Honestly I don't have a favorite, I would have been fine with Jujubee or Raven, but Tyra's shortcomings seems to be just a tad shorter.

Jujubee is seriously the Michelle Kwan of Drag Race, she's funny, dynamic, friendly and she looks fantastic but at times she got hung up on performance when it really counts. As much as a cold hard bitch as people call Raven, she has major star quality, her character is fully realized, she dresses impeccably and she always carries an air around herself as if she's better than anybody else. It's off putting to some, but it's the attitude that people worship. As a drag queen, it's pretty essential to have a personality that stands out, Jujubee and Raven has it, Tyra doesn't.

Of course, Tyra is beautiful, stylish, does the runway like a pro, but she's green and one dimensional. Style and grace can be taught, but personality can only be built. And that voice, what's with that voice? I guess since she's homeless, the prize will do her the most good and the other girls will be able to join the tour around pride season plus tons of them will reappear in another show during the Summer so I guess it's okay. It's not like we've heard much from Bebe Zahara Benet, the winners of reality contests rarely blossom as promised.

People were accusing RuPaul for being a racist since the winners of both seasons were both Black, but I don't think it's necessarily the case. I think RuPaul is looking for someone who resembles herself, maybe not racial-wise but she is using her own values to judge the contestants, which of course, she's entitled to, it's her show. But there are many different kinds of drag queens even though none of them are as successful as RuPaul, I do hope she's allowing the comedic types and others to flourish and not just go for the good-looking. If that's all she is to set on what she's looking for, the show certainly won't have too much of a future.

Seriously the make-up is flawless here.

Unlike here, that's horrific clown make-up. The boob vest makes her look vulgarly endowed, I'm sure they can stop a bullet.

Special congratulations to Pandora Boxx who's gotten Miss Congeniality, if only her outfits are all as hilarious as this one.

Enjoy RuPaul's music video if you haven't followed the series and heard it a million times over already.

For this week's meme, just go to the Dragulator and make a drag version of yourself. Here's mine, I call her Chow Chow Beaudoin (Pet's name + street name).

Enjoy your weekend!

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