El Gored!

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

Bullfighting, a meaningless speculative sport to show that men are better than beasts, to show your machismo in false elegance. Stabbing bulls to get them angry and wave a red cape to distract it so you can elude him in close range. It's cruel because your aim is to demonstrate how brave you are, how stupid the beast is and eventually kill it. Until something like this happens to you:

41 year-old Spanish matador Julio Aparicio tripped and got gored through his chin and out his mouth. He was rescued and carried out of the ring, took to the emergency room and underwent a six hour surgery to reconstruct his throat, jaw, tongue and roof of the mouth and he's recovering. The bull, on the other hand, would be put down one way or the other, I'm sure.

I would think someone would dull the horns ahead of time to decrease the chance of injuries but maybe it would deem emasculating to the matadors. If they want to seem so macho, why not fight a lion like the old days in Rome? Apparently a few matadors die every year from being gored, given the sold out stadium of 25,000 people, maybe some of them are just waiting to see something like this.

Why are the Spaniards so obsessed with bulls?

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