The Things People Do For $5

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

A friend that dabbles in the stock market has told me that during the depression that the only stock gaining way is the stocks of dollar stores. I thought that makes sense, although these days the dollar stores can't really live up to its name anymore. While there are some things that are still sold for $1, most things are beyond. Five Below are more like it and even then there aren't a lot of quality things to choose from. Occasionally, I would go there for some small boxes of Lego to fuel the boyfriend's obsession or find some cellophane bags to put baked goods in for friends. I like to browse but there's not much there for me, $5 can't really get you much but maybe I've spoke too soon.

Well, some applications on iPod and iPhones are cheap and interesting, especially a lot of games. But what's more is a website called Fiverr full of people trying to sell different service for $5. There's a guy willing to take a picture of him standing in Times Square holding up a sign with your message and send the picture to you for $5. If your girlfriend is angry at you and you don't know why, there's a girl willing to give you a female perspective for $5. Send your picture to this guy and he'll draw you a cartoon version of yourself. There are people from China, California, Colorado, Las Vegas willing to send you a postcard of their cities for $5. Do you want a personalized friendship bracelet? A business card especially designed for you? A company logo? A poem? Rap lyrics? They are all available for $5! I guess in a tough market every $5 helps.

I wonder what services can I provide for $5. Certainly I can cook for someone for $5. Of course that doesn't include the cost of groceries and for $5, it better be something simple and fast. I can knit a thin scarf for $5, maybe fold some origamis or make a rope doll. I have volunteer to teach people computer programs before and I certainly can do that again for $5 a head. Maybe help people with their homework, write a birthday card poem or translate some things in Chinese. Since there are still people getting Chinese Characters for tattoos. Maybe I can recommend and write out Chinese Characters for people to use.

What will you do for $5?

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