Random Thoughts 3/5/2010

>> Thursday, March 04, 2010

Just realized today might be someone's birthday, though who it is I can't remember. Nowadays you really have to be on Facebook for me to do anything about your birthday and most of the time you'll just get a congratulatory wall post. It also reminded me that I need to put everyone's contact information on my iPod Touch. I've already started to type shopping lists in it, waste some electricity but save some paper. It's like the debate between paper or plastic bags, which one is worse for the environment. There are really no concrete answers, are there? A good memory might be the better answer equivalent to bring your own backpack. But while I have a backpack, I don't have a good memory. Most of the time, I'm like the dude in Momentum.


I don't think I can make it happen but someone has to do a GLBT-specific version of Wikipedia. I thought I'd call it Gikipedia (Geekypedia) but that should be it's own entity. We need an encyclopedia of information pertaining to gay sex, gay TV shows/characters, GLBT lingos, porn stars, cruising sites and locations, politicians and everything else under the sun. Wikipedia helps with most things but not in its entirety and certainly won't go into the nitty-gritty. Porn stars should have racy pictures and measurements, you know, the embellishments. Maybe it should even exhaust the discussion board on each locations ala Craigslist or another cruising site that shall not be named. Unlike Wikipedia though, I think it should depends a little more on advertising revenues more than donations, and also a logon might be required to view the contents. Imagine how useful it'd be to have just one authoritative place to look up everything when you first came out.


I posted this strange thought on Facebook but here it is again:

Diva Plavalaguna is actually a Na'Vi from Pandora, she's just a polyglot that attended Juiliiard.

Of course, there is no need for a thought like that but I don't even know why but I really liked her in Fifth Element, probably because I was taken by Inva Mula Tchako's voice and the fantastic blue imagery of Plavalaguna. Plavalaguna is blue and much taller than your normal human being, she's also in a crusade to save a planet, has 6th sense and got a lot of tubes on her head. I'd love to figure out how to make a costume of her and wear it for Halloween. Though I'm sure a lot of people will mistaken it for a character in Avatar.

Yeah, I just wrote the sequel! Not I just have to think about where the Smurfs come in.


I got invited to an Oscar viewing party in which each guest is to bring a dish that is from a movie, new or old. I don't think a lot of specific food dishes are mentioned in films. The most common on is probably burgers, from your Royale with Chesse in Pulp Fiction to Supersize Me and the Harold and Kumar White Castle films, also Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear flipping burgers in Stuck on You, I submit that burgers are the most popular food featured in movies. I could go the obvious route and make some sweet breads and fava beans or bring a bottle of Chianti but then the friend who invited me is vegetarian, who's also giving up bread and dairy for lent. If I'm going, I might just make a Ratatouille with pasta and call it Pasta Primavera so that can scratch their heads for a while. This "Up" cake is also a serious contender.

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