High Demand Asian Guys With British Accents

>> Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lately I've found a few interesting Asian guys in various media so I thought I should share.

Asian guys are very underrepresented in the business of porn, so when one of us decide to do porn we are in high demand. Keni Styles who found himself in one such position is Thai and weighs a mere 130 pounds. Apparently he has already gotten a lot of awards in the UK since he has entered the business. He has a blog here, featuring a lot of his normal life video and that's where I hear his British accent. So far, he's still a hetero porn model with some solo shots on UK Naked Men. Not my cup of tea, but I'm glad to see him representing.

I saw this strikingly handsome Asian guy the other day on Martha Stewart teaching people how to grow their own drugs. Apparently James has made it big in the UK with a TV show and a book called Grow Your Own Drugs. He's Malaysian but grew up in the UK, which explains his sexy accent. He was also spotting a very sexy pencil beard while explaining the benefits of drinking Gingko Biloba tea and making his own habanero pain relieving pads. He's really quite cute.

Speaking of sexy Asian Guys with a British accent, I don't think I can leave out Louis Kwong Jr. who I've found on Flickr, he and his partners snaps a lot of pictures and videos of their sexy, bearish self and their friends. I seriously don't think their is a sexier, cuter, more adorable Asian bear out there. You can see a lot more of Louis here. Louis and his partner lives in the UK, they are both photographers and Louis is also a graphic designer of sort. I'm convinced some drawings in Japan bear magazine G-Men was modeled after Louis. Drooling hot!

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