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>> Friday, March 05, 2010

Promoting gay-bashing? What are you talking about?

The battle between the gays and the religious right is heating up. Congratulations to the gay folks in DC who are finally able to get married. On the Don't Ask Don't Tell front, there's also news of a repeal finally in the process. Things are looking up.

Of course, the religious right is flipping out. To avoid giving gay people equal treatment, Catholic charities in DC has ended all spousal benefits so they do not have to recognize gay marriage. They had also put an end to an adoption program, some they don't have to refer children to gay couples. I'm sure there is some "blame the gays for ruining things for everyone" factor into it, just don't tell me the Christians equate doing good because it doesn't.

Case and point:

These crazy people calling themselves Repent Amarillo is picketing a swing club, following swingers in vehicles and sticking video cameras into people’s faces, calling the employers, employees, and families of its patrons in order to wreck their jobs and home lives. These are consenting adults here, they are not harming anyone, why do these people feel like they have the rights to stick their nose in everything? Good thing there's always Craigslist, unless they false advertise and lure people to them for condemnation. Next, they plan to target gay bars, porn shops, strip clubs, and other sex-related businesses. In high school, I've learned that bullies won't stop until there's an authority righting the wrongs or you fight back. Just like dealing with this bitch here (who was accused for molesting children...)

If you need more proof, American Family Association's Bryan Fischer is quoting the bible saying that the Sea World staff should die because of their killer whales has killed more than one person. It's in the bible, folks. It's always the god fearing people, the fear mongers using the scare straight tactics, isn't it?

In Virginia, a woman was handing out leaflet to young girls quoting bible verses telling them that god will judge them for the way they dress. condemn the way they dress and says if they attract men and get raped, they are but willing participants. Ok batshit. But you have to kinda thank people like that for saying crazy shit so you know you're still sane by comparison, I just wish there weren't so many of them.

If it weren't for people like them, we would have missed out on how official Papal Gentleman in Vatican uses choir boys like a Senator uses a page. For sex. Gay homosexual dirty, dirty going-to-hell sex. Or the fact that yet another Republican Senator who voted against GLBT equality on every count got caught with a DUI after leaving a gay night club with a guy in tow.

Yeah, the hypocrite apologized saying "I am deeply sorry for my actions and offer no excuse for my poor judgment. I accept complete responsibility for my conduct." But is he apologizing for the drunk driving, going to a gay bar, or for opposing gay rights when he himself has the tendency? And why do people feel like they should apologize for being gay anyway? You can't apologize and brush it off as an impulse, just look at Ted Haggard, we all know it's not a choice. Though juicy as these scandals are, I rather sacrifice not enjoying them just to live in peace.

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