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>> Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I blame my recent game addiction to Serious Eats and my new iPod. Serious Eats recently introduced me to Sushi Cats which subsequently linked me to Sushi Go round and the whole Armor Games website.

Sushi Cat is a surprisingly addictive game since it's pretty much just The Price Is Right's Plinko game. You're dropping a ball like cat into rows and rows of sushi. The cat will get bigger as it touches more and more sushi, at the end there are boxes lined up to hold the cat and different boxes has different amounts of point and you're pretty much trying to beat the high score. Somehow, there is fun seeing a cat bouncing around collecting sushi.

Sushi Go Round looks like and old timey Sega game. You're the chef of a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and by pressing different ingredients and pressing the roll, you'll create different sushi. There will be customer coming in the restaurant ordering different sushi and you have to create the corresponding sushi to fulfill their needs. press wrong and you'll literally make crap. The customer will get angry and leaves and your restaurant's reputation will suffer. from time to time you'll also need to call and order ingredients which makes the game challenging because there are a lot to juggle and a quota to meet. There are a lot of games out there with similar premises, but there's never one that made me crave for sushi that much.

There are also a bunch of free games on Armor Games waiting to be explored and played with but I guess it still doesn't match the portability of the iPod I just acquire. It's my first iPod Touch so I just started exploring the wonderful world of apps. I always liked playing with maps and Google Earth. I was able to navigate from space view to a house that I lived in when I was 9 so I can tell myself what a good memory I have, I also put in random addresses and see what kind of public transportation or how long it'd take for me to walk there (25 hours from here to Manhattan). Silly but fun. I also enjoy the convenience of looking up a weather report or references from Wikipedia, but the games, tons and tons of games are turning my iPod into a gaming console.

After the boyfriend downloaded a bunch of free apps for me, I found Toobz to be incredibly addictive. The graphics of this game cannot be simpler, you have a 5x6 lawn with a main water valve somewhere in the middle. You are given horizontal or vertical water tubes that goes in random directions, the objective of the game is to build a water system using the tube to contain the water so the lawn won't flood. I don't understand why it is so much fun, but it is. I enjoy these puzzle games a lot and I stay up to play this game into the wee hours. Even though the full game is only 99 cents, there is a trial version for free and it's every bit as fun as the full version so you can just download that one to try it out.

Another game app with a free trial available is StickWars. In this game, you're trying to defend a wall from little stick figures that are trying to destroy it. Your weapon is your finger, in that you can flick the little figures to the sky and wait fro them to fall to their own death. You can also imprison them and train them into archer and magicians, so they'll attack their own people. The enemy, however, will be tougher and tougher, some of them have catapults and others are giants and they will rush your wall faster and faster. This game is also lots of fun.

I've bought a pinball game, a full version of the kind of Mahjong I like to play and a bunch of other games that got recommended by various app review sites, I also downloaded a free version of a block game. Spore came highly recommended but I'm still testing the waters on that one, it seems fun. There's a 99 cents game that is also addictive jolly good fun called FlightControl. In this game, you're the flight conductor using our finger to direct random planes, small jets and helicopters to their corresponding landing strip and avoid any collisions. Keep in mind that they are all different sizes and flying in different speed, though you can plan and redesign their flight pattern for as many time as you want. It's a fun game, there are 4 different platforms to choose from and for each plain you land, there will be a welcome sign written in different languages.

Since I'm new to this, is there any pointers on essential apps that are useful or interesting? I'd love to know.

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