The Health Care Reform Bill Has Passed

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

Big news of the day of course is about the reform bill for health care has passed last night in an extremely low margin of 7 votes. I can't possibly fathom how incredibly low that margin is, which proves that the insurance industry has sunk their claws in deep enough in congress. Seven votes, 212 people rejected the idea of health care reform. As expected, not a single Republican has voted for the reform proven again that pleading bipartisanship doesn't work and will not work for a long time. I'm sure they would rather fabricate, slander and destroy the country than support a single idea that's proposed by the Democrats. Politicians on both sides will do anything to secure contributions and fundings, the Scotus ruling to allow corporate political ads are just making it more obvious.

What's dangerous right now is the masses. Media controlled stark raving crazy masses that will do anything. They managed to get organized under the radar and storm the U.S. Capitol over the weekend. Calling Barney Frank and John Lewis names is small peas, but threatening gun violence is another deal. Apparently the U.S. Capitol security is not really up to par, police officers were not able to handle crowd, they cannot even escort people out. If those nuts can fly a plane into an IRS building, I wouldn't put it pass them to actually bring a gun in and shout a few people. I would hate to see anything happen to the congressmen who upheld social justice. At least the few prominent ones should wear a bullet-proof vest and lay low for the next three months. Seriously.

The opposition side apparently consists wordsmiths and a big list of talking points ready to mislead any idiots that would follow. Harpy Michelle Bachmann was still hinting on how passing the bill equates putting Grandma in an early grave. It's unimaginable that people do follow Fox News like it's a cult, crazy windbag Glenn Beck with a high school diploma is earning $23 Million a year being a loony riling up people with bullshit on TV. There is little justice. If any violence or death do happen because people believe what he said on TV, he could easily brush it off with his First Amendment Right, the violence happened because the government were using totalitarian tactics or that they never advocated for violence. just like Bill O'Reilly brushing off George Tiller's death, these people have no souls or conscience.

There is no telling on how beneficial passing this health care reform bill is to the public but the caviar is to see how Rush Limbaugh will go against his vow to move to Costa Rica when the bill pass. Given, he's already selling his Manhattan Fifth Avenue penthouse and probably loaded enough retire and be treated like a king for the rest of his life in Costa Rica, or he can just broadcast his show from there. But gawd! Wouldn't that be nice? I wouldn't hold Alec Baldwin to his claim of moving to Canada but get Jabba the Hutt outta here!

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