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>> Sunday, March 07, 2010

After watching all the hype on Chatroulette, it made me want to see what all the fuss was about. So I went and checked it out.

The site was launched by a 17-year old from Russia, and it is basically an application where they link random people with or without video cams together and form an often very temporary connection. You get to see who you're chatting with and what their environment is like and they got to see you too, and if you don't find each other particularly interesting or the conversation is over, there is a button where you can press for the next random encounter.

Within the first 5 minutes, I saw 3 screens asking me to show them my boobs. The world of Chatroulette is filled with bored teenagers drinking, lying on coaches or older gentlemen that are trying to show their junks. It's like stumbling in a dorm of highschoolers all bored with nothing to do, hoping the next person passing by will entertain them somehow. That and pleas for boobs and older gentlemen's junks.

There were a few groups of teenagers having Chatroulette parties using the site to find something to laugh or gross out about and that seems to be the best utilization and attitude about the site but I cannot find a place for me on it. The few people that saw me yelled out "You're Asian", "Chink", "Do you want to be on Jon & Kate?" or "Hell, no!", like they have never saw an Asian before. Or maybe they haven't but my prediction is either the site will be so filled with porn that it will lose its original purpose or "Adults" will start using it and it would be soon deemed uncool. We'll see.

A bit on the lame side but the end is surprisingly poignant

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