>> Friday, July 10, 2009

Sorry folks, I haven't been posted since the last weekend and it seems the week had went by quite quick.

There haven't been a lot of stuff going on, other than the Michael Jackson memorial thing that everybody saw and Sarah Palin's ass-backward resignation. I say to both good-bye.

I have been submerging myself in couple of the Facebook games. Time goes by fast when that happens. Other than that, I've been submerging myself in food, trying places that I've meant to go, comparing foods, cooking for the boyfriend. It's the little pleasures.

Every July, the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (PIGLFF) commences and this year they change their name into QFest. Gone is the old organization along with my doppelganger who mysteriously told me to believe in myself as he moved away from Philly. Starting tonight I'll be going to the fest and going to 4 movies by myself and 3 movies with the boyfriend. This year's selection is not really sexy and I hate how they pull a stunt on people by saying they'll have a secret screening of a mystery movie without announcing the title and it turned out to be Eating Out 3. If I have known, I would have gotten a ticket, honestly, what kinda bullshit is that? Surely I'll report back with reviews as I've done year after year.

July other than being gay movie month, it's also Birthday month. It seems like 70% of the people I know have their birthdays around June-August, I wonder what happened 10 months beforehand that make people want to couple. Since it's been July, almost every other day, there are some shout outs required for my friend's birthday. In two weeks, it'll be my turn. I'm still trying to decide whether I want to invite my friends to a dinner or just make it low key and spend it with just the boyfriend.

Anyhow, It should be quite eventful for the rest of the month.

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