The Longest Fortnight

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So the boyfriend left for Japan on Saturday for a two weeks trip, it's not that long but I'm already missing him. It's always tough when someone who's close to you is suddenly gone. I guess I need to be more independent. That and the fact that one friend is in Singapore, one is leaving for South Africa and another one had found love and busy, so I'm pretty much left alone here. I guess I need to find myself some new friends and seating here at home is not helping me with that task.

I think somewhere in life I've lost my abilities to socialize, or maybe I've never had that skill at all. Most of the friends I have now are the folks that I see constantly, from school or from work; people who I was "forced" to see consistently which force our friendship to flourish. I am a nice guy but I am not easy to break, also I'm quite shy and have problems initiating conversations, so I guess that's why I find having a persona or a presence online so much easier.

Since I love to play games in general, I thought I'd join up a group on for games like scrabble, clue, apples to apples and all. That way I can do things that I enjoy as well as meeting some new people. At the same time, I've gotta refocus my energy of finding a job. Important stuff, you know.

Also, I've decided to divide my small apartment into 7 manageable areas to detailedly clean it up in 7 days. Wish me luck.

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