The Giant Squids Are Coming!!!

>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Saturday, dozens of giant squids washed up ashore at the beaches of La Jolla, California. An hour after an earthquake was recorded 19 miles offshore. It was speculated that these squids might be confused by the earthquake.

I think maybe the squids got drugged by abandoned cocaine during a high speed motor boat chasing of drug smugglers and the case got opened during the earthquake and poisoned ocean life. Maybe not, but it'll make for a better story.

Anyhow, I'm taking the role of seagulls in this story. When I see the squids washing ashore, I'm thinking about stuffing them with BBQ pork fried rice and bake the whole thing in curry sauce. Who's with me? I'm surprised the Chinese are not out there packing them in ice coolers. Haha.

Oh and Happy Bastille Day!

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