Year In Review 2006

>> Monday, January 01, 2007

I spent the last hour and a half of 2006 sleeping. I think it's a first for me, because I usually watch those countdown shows with Dick Clark or MTV or even the local channels becaue they usually have fireworks and all in my city. This year, I slept.

There's a reason for it though. I bought caviar, smoke salmon, foie gras and a bottle of champagne for dinner and I guess the champagne got to both me and Principe. So by the time it got to a bit past 10:00, we couldn't help but feel really tired. I've been spending a lot lately, thank god I saved up some during the year. I should really control myself, if I keep having the same spending pattern, come retirement I would have no choice but live on the streets. I wonder how that can be changed. I already designed a spreadsheet to track my spending but it only helped me save up money and spend it all out again. It's better then having no security, but I must plan for the future.

I rented a couple of movies for the past days, for some reasons some of the phrases is still sticking with me. It's a scene between a midget and a transvestite in a movie called "20 Centimeters"; The midget just fionish a cello lesson and he says: "She says I've got talent." "We all have talents, it's money that we ned to develop them." Maybe it's true, we all have talents, it's money that we don't have to develop our talents. Maybe if we are all great artists inside us, some just don't have the luxury to spend time and resource to nurture our talents. It all became clearer after I've heard those words.

Year 2006 in review was nothing special. I think generally after all this bitching I've done in this blog, I'm still quite happy. Financially, I'm stable. Health-wise, there's no big blunder, I went to the gym periodically. Love-wise, I have a guy that I can invest in emotionally even though it might be very temporary. I don't belive in new year resolution, but I would be a lot happier if I can stick to the gym or a diet and lose some weight. Although now I believe that everybody got talents, I still want to further develop my artistic side and be able to create something. If not for anything else, it's entertaining to me. And the very last, I need to learn how to plan for my future. Maybe not spend so much in the extravagant and start saving money actively.

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