King For A Day

>> Friday, December 29, 2006

Last night DC and JEW took me out for Vietnamese. We went to a restaurant that DC liked and the food was pretty good. JEW like to tease a lot and we kept on joking and I have a pretty good time. We exchanged gifts, I gave them some Shanghai Tang cufflinks for X'mas and DC gave me a box of chocolate, some soaps, a sweater and also a $50 Barnes and Noble's gift card. He said he had no clue what I wanted, I thought that was pretty good. I gave the sweater to Principe, so he don't feel left out. He was pouting at home and didn't want to join us for dinner, because he can't communicate with anyone. That took care of the guilt I felt for buying myself a sweater and not getting him anything.

So I went to work today and they still didn't get the DSL hooked up. I kinda confronted my boss for lying to my face. I find myself liking him less and less. I didn't think that was possible. I also decided to take a day off next week sometime. Since Principe will have two days off. I may go to the Bronx Zoo with him and test out our new camera.

Suddenly I remember that this is the time of the year that something called "King Cake" is available. So I went to a very prominent bakery called "Miel" in town and see if they have any. Luckily they have it available for order, so I ordered one. Of course they don't call it king cake, snobs, they call it "Galette des Rois". I remember when I was still living in Paris, we used to have a King Cake Party with the other Chinese restaurants owners' kids. They hide a miniature baby Jesus made out of sugar in this tart with almond fillings and whoever get the slice of pie containing the baby Jesus would be "king" for a day. It comes with a paper crown and all. I never get the baby Jesus for some reason and believe me when I say that I've been holding a grudge ever since. I figure this year if I ate the whole pie, I'm bound to be the king. Haha...!

Rented a few movies and I also bought a few DVDs, I plan to cozy up at home and watch them all in one sitting. I made some meatballs that are exceptionally good, I also made some congees, so I guess I don't have to go up for a while. Did I mention that I also got a box of chocolate? I can be king for a stay-at-home day!

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