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>> Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I started my painting of Principe. It's a bit harder than I thought, I try to use pencils to outline the photo on the canvas, but my eraser doesn't seem to work on the canvas so I can't erase my mistakes. To make it worse, Principe is over my shoulder saying how big his face looks and how angry I make him look, how big his eyebrows are, and he doesn't like his eyes... I should have never let him see it. It's not even done yet, It's just an outline. After outlining it, I still have to add color and shade to create depth. But after being criticized, I don't feel like doing it anymore.

Bought two used games on gamefly, the equivalent of netflix for video games. By comparison, they are a lot cheaper than store bought. It's about half price, but they are used. Hopefully they work out okay. Video games on average cost $50 each, it's too expensive a habit. Although I can entertain myself with them for a long time. I enter a stage of full concentration, I don't need to eat or drink, I just sit in fornt of the TV for a whole day. Of course, it's not productive at all, but I wonder if I can lose weight just by playing video games.

My unfinished blanket is sitting on the corner staring me at my face and my scrap cookbook is still in a box collecting dust. I have to finish them sometimes.

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