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>> Thursday, January 25, 2007

I downloaded Scrabble from Yahoo the other day, I have always loved this game. My uncle introduced it to me when I was a child, but I never had anybody that plays with me. It's not until I got to this city that I can get a regular game going on with a friend. I usually win, not because I knew more words but Scrabble is primarily a math game. You are counting points all the time. I guess that pisses my friend off, because she is born in the States and pride herself as a reader and a writer. While I occasionally enjoy some mystery and fiction, never read much at all. So after a while, I stopped going to that friend's house. She can be obnoxious and over-bearing at times, which reminds me of my own family, which is why I'm here alone, in the states, to be as far away from my family as possible.

Principe Rana has been doing pro-bono floor plans for his co-workers. He had taken over my desk, so I haven't even started my painting of him yet. So I got a copy of PS2's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and banging away every day after work. Time flies when you are playing video games; you turn around and it's 10:00 at night. With all the time I'm investing in it, I may as well be doing something else, get a second job or something. Why do they have to be so enjoyable?

I just got a Chinese New Year's card from GS. It is THE most beautiful Chinese New Year's card I've ever seen in my life. it looks like a pair of carved rose wood door with gold handle bars and everything is crafted in such details, the lions on the golden handle bars, the see-through window crafted with cherry blossoms and the gold dragons all around the window and the gold lotuses on the lower panels of the door. I'm very impressed. I used to have such a humongous crush on him, but we became good friends afterwards and now he's married. His wife left a little note on the card saying hi and tell me to enjoy my life... cute.

It's flurrying festively outside the window and I'm wondering when I can see my friends again.

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