The Pleasures of New York

>> Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I went to NY and Mitsuwa yet again this weekend, but this time I went alone. I seldom go to New York for leisure, most of the time I go with a purpose; Shopping and eating being the purpose, mostly. Some special groceries that I have to get or shopping for X'mas or going to Ajisen for their tenderous pork ribs noodle soup with extra corn and egg. But honestly the city does not excite me that much.

It's just another grayish town, maybe because I don't know the city as well as other folks. There's nothing exciting about it. I'm not interested in museums or parks, and I'm not into clubs and bars. And who have the patience to skim through all the restaurants to see which ones they like? I think the wonders of New York is in how much cultures can co-exist in an island and the number of people there is. Many qualities that my native city Hong Kong shares as well.

I'm glad though that it is so near. At least I can go at times to get my comic books and music. To me, New York is like a store that is far away from me, but they got things I like. And I get to burn a few calories walking around it. It's good exercise.

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