The World of The Heteros, Part 1

>> Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's my 100th entry on this blog. Wow, time flies and who knew I have so much bottled up inside?

Well, just for laughs DC and I went to Hooters for lunch the other day. Honestly, I've never been in one and everybody on TV and real life say they have good wings and I really love wings. So I has always been curious of the place. DC says he frequents Hooters back when he was in Miami and he always loved their curly fries.

So the place is a bit western looking with tons of flat screen TV all showing some kind of sports. The girls are wearing skimpy outfits. It was in the 20s outside and I was surprised that they are still wearing short shorts inside the restaurant. There were country rocks playing in the background. The customers are mostly men, like a gay bar as DC had pointed out, there was a few female customers but I was really surprised to see kids inside. They call it a "family restaurant".

Because it was so cold, we ordered some new england clam chowder, some fries and wings to share. I ordered a cheesesteak for myself and DC had a pulled pork BBQ sandwich. We went all out, because I didn't think I would ever step foot into a Hooters again. Other than the soup and DC's BBQ sandwich, everything was quite bad. The fries are cold, there is this big, big crust around each wing and maybe I'm too spoiled living in Philly, the cheesesteak there can't even compare. So this is the life of the Heteros, ESPN, Beer, exploiting women, country music and bad wings. Boy, I'm glad I'm gay! The only thing remotely interesting in there was this 6'4", big, bald, muscle-bound bouncer/manager guy; the type that only exists in trailer park and the Jerry Springer Show. It's very interesting how people design all these places to cater to different people.

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