Bathroom Conversations

>> Friday, January 26, 2007

Since my office moved to another floor, we have to share the same bathrooms with another organization. This organization is a GLBT "youth-shelter" where kids, mostly still sexually confused teenagers, comes over after school to hang around. These kids are mostly from broken families and the organization is a great place for them to be to prevent them from being destructive. While this is excellent for the kids, it doesn't work well with people around them.

Kids can be so obnoxious. Before we were on the same floor, I just recognize them as a rowdy crowd that I've been forced to be with in the hallway or the elevators. they might listen to loud music, yelling and shouting at each other or even horsing around. But now it's a different story.

One time, I was waiting for the elevator in the lobby of our building and this little cross-dressing twinky wearing headphones playing loud disco music decided to come over and offer me a lapdance. I mean come on! I'm already the easily embarass type and just because I'm gay doesn't mean I like these girly men. So I yell security and he backed off, they worst thing is that the securities are sitting 5 feet away, but they never thought to get off their butts.

Yesterday when I went in the bathroom, I heard a conversation from two kids in the stalls. First, I thought they were having sex because according to the rumors that had happened before and all I heard at first were giggles. But afterwards one of the boys spoke up and I quote "You're having problem shitting because you eat too much of that string cheese shit! I don't have problem shitting over here!" I must be out of the kid's loop for a while, it was taboo to even talk in the bathroom for my generation. When did taking a dump become proper topic, -- in the bathroom, -- and while you are doing it? And does string cheese really make you constipated?

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