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>> Thursday, January 18, 2007

Logically, I'm pretty pissed these days. Being cheated on and all. The difficult part is actually to have to come into work and see those people who cheated me being here. Hearing their voices, seeing their faces. Talked to DC and his career seems to be better and better, he just got another higher offer, although he doesn't think he's taking it because he'll have to be further away from JEW. I'm jealous, why can't my career and salary be better?

The problem is, after I got my degree in Information Technology I should have continuously improving my skills in this field. I suppose because my work really does not have much to do with it, I'm pulling myself further and further from my field. I'm like a computer that has passed its prime, with new model constantly coming out. Without upgrading, I'm out-dated, slow and passe, depreciated, worthless... I wonder what kind of job I can find, if I don't work here anymore. In this place, I'm a demigod, because everybody else is so clueless.

Right now, I should just plug in my headphones and ignore all these people. Perhaps, I won't even show up some days. Who cares, anymore? They have let a person who works here show up half the time and still pay her. There's no reason why I have to be here all the time.

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