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>> Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekends are so short. Not that I have anything planned for them usually, but I would love to just work four days a week like the European and have a long weekend every week. I usually do my laundry every Saturday after struggling to get out of bed for half a day and once laundry is done the weekend is almost over. My colleague suggested me to do laundry on week nights, but I usually get quite lazy after work, with that and cooking dinner I don't want another chore at night.

I think I need a real vacation, to leave my actual life behind and go experience stuff, to forget all responsibilities. I could go to another city and snap artistic pictures or paint some paintings or write stories. Follow a different path for a while and see how I like it.

It's not until recently that I find that I'm not that bad looking. I guess I never had much confidence in any department, and after living on my own for a few years I'm starting to build it. I guess since I'm financially independent now and quite comfortable with my own lifestyles, not to mention finding someone who truly loves me for who I am, my confidence starts to build on its own. It's a great thing. If it continues to build, my goal of happiness might not be that farfetched. Maybe since my value of self is rising, I would really stick to the gym and start taking care of myself and my appearance in general.

I have seen some people pretend to be happy and wear a smile on their face all the time. I can't ignore the fact that soem people can truly be happy all the time, but nature told me that worry is present more than half of the time because it is a natural response to potential threats of the environment and happiness is just a reaction to fulfillment. But most fulfillment is temporary and we know that nobody can be content of what they have. We are always seeking for more, more money, more food, more lovers, bigger house, bigger cars. Therefore, happiness can never lasts. The only way that one can be happy is learn to be content of oneself and what one has. I think being confident in oneself is a good place to start.

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