The World of The Heteros, Part 2

>> Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I work with this doctor and there are pharmaceuticals representative around here all the time. These pharm-reps are a unique bunch of people, they go to different doctor offices all day to persuade doctors to use the medication their company are selling. Because of their jobs, they need to be amiable and cheerful at all times. To butter the doctors up, they sometimes buy lunch for the whole office, which I and sometimes Principe would benefit from and most of them are not so bad to look at either.

So last week one of them called Kim was around and she was trying to install a program for the doctor to use. She wasn't computer savy at all, in fact I think she might be computer illiterate. During the course of the week, she came to my cubicle at least 10 times asking me basic questions like how she can get to to, how to log on and how to download documents. She obviously don't know how to do her job, and since I don't work for the doctor, I don't see a point working for her and all the while touching my back, my hand, rubbing her boobs against my shoulder as if compensating me for helping her. "You're barking up the wrong tree, honey!" Not only that, I actually hate being touched by people I don't know and the whole coming on to me thing freaks me out!

It gets me into thinking maybe the world moves that way for the heteros. When you want something done for you, you flirt your way around it. That's just how people get ahead. Maybe my lack of ability to do that is what hinders my career and day to day tasks. For example, our CFO gets her way all the time with telephone companies and one time her boyfriend owes the school $1000 for late fee and she just marched into the school's office and tell them that she won't pay for that and they let her. ES and I called that 'Blonde Power', it does exist. I tried using the same tone and logic to deal with those people, it never works for me. It must be nice to be white and blond in this country.

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