Second Heat

>> Sunday, January 14, 2007

The long weekeend has made me start a few project, or continue to prgress on them anyway. I bought more yarn for my year-long knitting project. Now, I would have paid more than $300 for a freaking blanket, not to mention the time I've invested in this project. I just thought if I already started, I might as well finish it. I was over at Express Men today and see them selling sweaters for $9.99 to $19.99, It's would have been a lot faster and cheaper to sew the sweaters together and make a blanket out of it... I swear after I finish this, I would never, ever sew again.

Other than sewing, I went to an art and crafts store to buy some oil paint, some paint brush and a canvas board. I am going to start doing a painting on Principe. I got a nice photograph of him in an Ajisen - Japanese noodle shop and there are some sumo paintings on the wall, which make that photo very interesting. I hope I've learned how to paint through my "painting by numbers" thing. But knowing that I'm color weak, it might turn out to be very gruesome or the outcome would resemble a pop art piece, with the color all wrong and strangelike.

I found some poems that I wrote a while back, when I was out with this guy. I was really obsessed with him, now that I look back, I can't see why. I still see him sometimes, but I don't feel the same anymore. I think it's because I got to know him a bit more and figured out that he's not perfect. Actually, very far from it. But now that I found some poem, maybe I should look at them and tweak them a bit. Maybe later in life, I would be able to publish a book of poems.

But then again, I don't think I should start so many project all at once. I should just focus on one, finish it before starting another. Or else, I might not be able to finish any at all. How terrible, that would have been? The problem is that my energy pattern is like a bomb, it explodes, get very hot all at once, but it never lasts. If I can choose, I much rather be a stove or a candle, it always burn consistently, might not be big and bright, but it's always there. How can I alter my energy pattern? I have to practice being consistent. It would take a bit of buddhist education, a bit of Zen or maybe Yoga would be the answer.

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