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>> Friday, January 05, 2007

We have been out of Internet in the office in the past week. Our CFO decided to change everything over to Verizon and of course, we have some complications during the transfer. Nothing is ever easy. They forgot to send us a modem, and then they sent us the wrong one, and then they say they have sent us the wrong one again, and now they say our service will not be turned on until the 10th. Well, I have expected it so I'm not surprised. It's always like that when you deal with telephone/web server/cable companies. They all have automated telephone responding system that put you through a series of number-pressing or keyword-recognition riddles and after five minutes of say-threes, press-fours, you'll be on hold to talk to somebody real for the next twenty-thirty minutes, you'll have to provide the same information you have provided the machine all over again. They treat you as if you are an idiot, and transfer you to another department. By then your call will be dropped somehow, and you have call back and do the whole routine again. What a waste of time.

I couldn't access my neighbor's wireless, so I'm forced to come out to this coffee shop to do whatever I need to do online. This includes banking, tracking my purchases, emailing, posting my blog and finding out information I have been looking for. Although when I'm in the office, I had to do real work. Thank god we are still in the process of moving, and there are things for me to do. Plus I find an old trial version of Word Mojo I downloaded from Yahoo that is still in my computer, so that helps me to pass through the day. The setup of our office is a lot more open now, I no longer have the biggest office anymore, I'm sharing a cubicle space with ES, but it is open to the whole office, so I have to get used to the noise and habits of other people. I hope I don't get irritated so easily, I have to build up my calm and collected persona. Like a monk, I have to be cool at all situations and all time. Build up my karma. I have to say lately I have been quite fiery. They say optimism and confidence is the key to success, I cannot allow myself to be negative all the time anymore. It's not attractive.

The problem is that I'm no good when I'm under stress and more times than not I find myself handling everything and everybody's problem. But I must find out a way to counter that and learn how to handle more responsibility without exploding and lashing out on everyone. How will I be able to accomplish that? How do I learn how to deal with situations like that and actually be able to be calm and collected at all times? It's a toughie for sure.

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