Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

>> Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When we are making little progress in full equality, we're constantly reminded that there are people out there devote their lives to make sure we are condemned. Dan Choi getting discharged, bigot Bill Donahue is still trying to link pedophilia in Catholic Church to homosexuality, the gay marriage case getting declined by NJ supreme court, there are no lacking of oppositions.

NOM (who doesn't deserve to have their name spell out any more because it's a lie) has been having their bus tour around the nation promoting hate even though their ex-CEO Maggie Gallagher said it's not about hate at all. Plus they are painting themselves and their supporters to be victims because counter protesters have been showing up on their events either shouting them down or surrounding their rally and stood peacefully. It's not much of a victimization, though the protesters do outnumber NOM and their supporters in about 4 folds. I guess NOM hasn't done as good as a promoting work for their events, they might be mentioned a lot in the blogosphere/twitterrealm but maybe they are really not that popular in meatspace? Personally, I have a few ideas to make those people real victims but I was reminded by a fellow blogger that the purpose of the NOM bus tour might not be just spreading hate.

True, touring the red states might trigger some people to show up but in all honesty, especially in these dire economic times, people needs to show up at work around those hours, the tour and the rallies are mainly secondary. The primary function might just be to cause conflicts and play victim. After Prop 8 which caused giant media attention, the donations could have died down and that could be the reason why NOM is so ready to produce those family victimized by gay protester videos, tire slashing by mysterious individuals and need tire repair funds, or Maggie Gallagher show up and saying Prop 8 is most likely revoked. The only way to draw more attention and donations to the cause is to play victim and to paint the other group as monsters.

The only problem of a wolf wearing a sheep's clothing is that eventually people would see the sharp teeth and the claws poking out. Pretty much like the Teabaggers claiming they are not racists, NOM has their own version of picketers proving how not about hate they are:

NOM supporter Larry Adams showed up with the sign yesterday in Indianapolis advocating to hang gay people. After being warned by a few NOM supporters, Mr. Adams did an interview with the Courage Campaign and said that he has been tempted by his homosexual tendencies but the bible told him what's right and what's wrong and he always had a choice.

Good thing that Mr. Adams' sign contains his information so that NOM can't claim that he was planted in their rally. As much intimidation as they claim the marriage equality protesters to be, we never threaten to kill anyone. With all the gay bashing incidents and gay killing around the world, I don't think any religious person was killed for gay causes. So who's the real victim here?

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