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>> Thursday, July 15, 2010

The latest Sherry Vine parody to Lady Gaga's Alejandro:

And That's Gay "No Homo" installment:

Argentina is at its dawn to legalize same sex marriage, I've nothing against Argentina and I'm actually quite fond of it but to have Argentina more progressive than United States puts a little damper to the so-called "Land of the Free". The Argentinean economy is pretty much the pits of the world but yet they can afford to put it aside and make a giant step in civil rights proves that it can be done if their leaders put their hearts into it. You can't get more religious than their countrymen so I wonder if we can borrow a page in separating Church and State.

We have to tell ourselves that we are making progress, albeit the almost daily news of fag-bashing and harassment our people suffer. Less stop calling fag-bashings anti-gay assaults or hate crimes, political correct terms cannot accurately describe the degree of passion behind the crime. The most outrageous thing is for the attacker to receive light sentences while almost killing the person they attacked while the religious right claimed that the gays are equally violent towards them. When's the last time any one of them got beaten down and sent to the hospital? When's the last time one of them got killed?

I'm not advocating for murder, though I do believe some showing that we're not weak might help ceasing some violence towards gays. Take the National Organization for Marriage's bus tour for example, they are touring the country promoting their hate towards gays and gay marriage. Luckily they had the wit to avoid major blue states cities, if they had the gall to come to Philadelphia or New York, gays might surround their vans and give them a piece of their minds. Like this.

Until this day, I'm still astonished of people who's against my existence and thinking they have a say on what I can or cannot do. How superior does one have to feel before they think they can control the behavior of other people? Where would these people be without the gays?

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