Don't Let The Bedbug Bite

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I went to an allergist four years ago during a detailed annual check up. After getting pricked by 40 different toothpicks and got my back drawn like a football playbook, I found out that I was allergic to some trees, weeds, dust mites and bedbugs. Well, no. Not bedbugs or dust mites but the excrement of them. Isn't that disgusting? That reminds me of a time during college where I broke out with hives one night after sleeping on a couch. That is also the reason why I have a light chronic breathing problem.

Recently there's an outbreak of bedbugs going on in New York City. The Hollister at Broadway and Houston, Abercrombie and Fitch at South Street Seaport, and one of the undisclosed movie theaters had reportedly shut down because of bedbugs infestation. Bedbugs breed in the dark and all the theaters and the above mentioned clothing stores are dark as night. I was at that particular Hollister not long ago and it's almost pitch dark, you can hardly see what you're buying. Though both clothing stores are known for having half naked male models standing in front of the store to attract customers. It'd be interesting if there's a correlation between naked male fresh and bedbugs, wouldn't it?

A Pesticide company has listed the top ten most bedbug infested cities and here they are:

1. Columbus
2. New York
3. Toronto
4. Bloomington IN
5. Manchester NH
6. San Francisco
7. Durham
8. Vancouver
9. Chicago

Thank god Philly is not one of them, yet. Just thinking about it have me all itchy.

In other news, there are hundreds of rabid raccoons in Central Park. Just this year, they have trapped or found over a hundred of rabid raccoon in the park. A lady who's seating at a bench at the park was bitten on her ankle by one while reading her book. She was sent to the hospital and was treated with 4 rounds of rabies shots. She's ok but the problem in Central Park persist. Dog walkers were encouraged to keep their pets on a tight leash. Since raccoon are mostly active at night, one should beware if they see one during the day. Wouldn't that be a great background for a zombie movie or something?

Anyhow, with bedbugs and rabid raccoon it surely makes New York a little less attractive to visit.

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