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>> Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A month ago, the founder of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality Peter LaBarbera announced that he is forming a school called "Americans for Truth Academy" teaching young people "how to answer “gay” activist misinformation and fight the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda." It's a 3-day seminar that costs $99 and it aims to "train a new generations of activists to contend with the sexual sin movement that has fooled so many Americans into treating a human wrong as a “civil right.”

Undoubtedly, LaBarbera is using people's bigotry for personal financial gain, but I've always been fascinated on how involved he is/they are in the gay media. They seems to have people reading gay news blogs and refute negative articles about themselves on these blogs. Something tells me that LaBarbera is closeted just like Roy Ashburn and Larry Craig, secretly craving for some male attention.

Taking a cue from LaBarbera, college drop-out Glenn Beck is opening launching Beck University.

You say: "You must be kidding me since Beck only took one college class and dropped out in the middle of it." But alas it's true, I guess you don't need qualifications to start an university and their seems to be a whole lot of people less educated than Glenn Beck to gobble up his propaganda. From their website:

Beck University is a unique academic experience bringing together experts in the fields of religion, American history and economics," says the announcement on the Beck Web site. "Through captivating lectures and interactive online discussions, these experts will explore the concepts of Faith, Hope and Charity and show you how they influence America’s past, her present and most importantly her future.
The first courses they offer is Faith 101, Hope 101 and Charity 101. From this unaccredited college, one can hope to become a priest, a professional hoper or a professional philanthropist, or are those just names of strippers? How can Glenn Beck University actually benefit people? I'm sure they will produce another batch of teabaggers, although I'm worried still. What if they start teaching people shooting guns and making bombs in the second semester?

With the right wing infiltrating the Texas school board and dictating the contents in the textbooks. I'm afraid for the future generation.

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