The Unconsolable Lesbians

>> Sunday, July 25, 2010

During one of my birthday dinners last week, I got to see my good friend (let's call him Donald) whom I haven't seen in almost a year. I was a bit peeved for not being able to see this friend was so long but after remembering that his elderly father had got cancer and he had to travel back and forth to China to visit, I guess I couldn't really blame him that much.

We were catching up when he was telling me about his scuffle with his neighbors. Donald lives in one of the rich folks' suburban area with several acres of land with a pool, a pond, small farm, his big old house and several mini houses to store wine, tools and junk. He and his partner are loaded, which could be one of the reason why he wouldn't hang out with a lowly person like me but I digress. From our conversations, it seemed that everything is not quite okay in paradise.

Donald and his partner (let's call him James) share a driveway with 3 other neighbors with two lots in the beginning of a driveway, his own giant lot and at the end of the driveway lives a pair of lesbians in their 50s. About a year ago, the 4 households decided it is time to repair the driveway. The front two households and James agreed that all four of them will pay for the portion of the driveway they use, which means the front portion will be paid by of 4 households while the back portion will be paid by my friends and the lesbos. Even though it kinda made sense, the lesbos object to it but were outnumbered. Over this issue, they have ceased being friends with Donald and James.

James is a wannabe architecture that likes to landscape and do little project all year round his house. A few months ago, James suggested he wants to redesign the back portion of the drive way, instead of having the lesbians driving right in front of James; house every time they go out or come back. James would pay to build a shorter, more direct fork where the lesbians can drive to their house from the main driveway. That way, Donald and James will have more privacy. The suggestion somehow turned into a screaming match. The lesbians won't have any of that. They refuse constructions in their own portion of the land and since they have the right to reach their own property, James couldn't do anything. James wanted to talk to the lesbians to find out what they want. The lesbians refused to see him at their house and say they would meet him at a Starbucks half a mile away. When James got there, they berated him and made an unreasonable demand of $1 million.

Afterwards the lesbians started to build a fence to separate their own property from Donald's without hiring a surveyor to define the property line. After Donald and James spent thousands of dollars to hire one and it was defined, the lesbians try to skewered the line to make their property larger which caused another screaming match. When Donald said his piece and returned to his house, the lesbians had called the police.

Turns out in the little time after Donald got back into his house, the lesbians has applied scratch marks to their own body, ripped their own clothes and disheveled their own hairs, so they can say that Donald attacked them. I've known the guy for a decade and he has never been violent or aggressive, plus he's getting older and way too rich to be that way. Donald, being alone, not good at explaining himself and shocked that someone will make up shit to accuse him, was trying his best to prove his own innocence. He doesn't even have nails. It take some convincing for the police to believe that a Chinese man would be innocent, at the end he was slapped with a warning.

I can attest to both of us when I say nothing get us more angry than being accused of something we didn't do by liars. Donald soon got himself a lawyer and was reminded that the neighbors has security cameras in their property and if they have taped the incident, he could have proved himself innocent. So under the instructions of his lawyers, he took his digital camera to take some pictures of those cameras. A while later, the lesbians came out screaming and they called the police again. Now the lesbians accused Donald for stalking and taking pictures of their bedrooms. The cops wouldn't hear what Donald had to say and stick a criminal charge to him for stalking.

A tall, solid wooden fence had been put in place since, which the lesbians had called the police as well. Security cameras had been put in place by Donald, which the lesbians called the cops and they accused Donald for wiretapping. James when into the police station to explain all these to the police chief just so he understands their situation. The court date for Donald's criminal charge is set for September. I'm sure he'll be found innocent from the incessant police logs and records and his other neighbors as witnesses. The lesbians had install bright light to shine into Donald's yard at night and threaten to call Donald's company and cause him to lose his job, which could happen. Donald wishes to take the peaceful approach if he's found innocent, but god helps them if they found him guilty.

Personally I would sue for emotional distress, defamation and harassment, and with Donald and James unmatched resources, the lesbians will soon not be able to afford their house. It's unfortunate that friends would turn into enemies even though we are all in the LGBT big umbrellas, how do you live when someone you hate live that closely to you? Thank god I don't have psycho neighbors.

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