Working Men Breaking Barriers

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In tough times, people get creative to think of new ways to make money. Old barriers are broken, new challenges are taken upon. Remember last month, Nevada's Shady Lady Ranch has anointed the country's first legal male prosti-dude, a 25 years-old ex-marine named Markus. Standing at 5'9", Markus is reportedly well endowed. The dude looks pretty good physically, facial features can be overlooked but apparently the guy is a douche... New York Post sent a reporter to check the guy out and it has met with some quite hilarious results. The dude compared himself to Lady Gaga, Moby and Van Gogh (for being an artist), then compare himself to Rosa Parks (for breaking barriers). Other than the egocentricity, he's also quite inexperienced when it comes to dealing with women and goes by the stereotype that women mostly just want companionship much more than sex. Markus requires $500 cash advance for any booking, though he only sees female clients "Because..." as he so skillfully put it, "my sphincter is not for sale."

And then there's this...

Jockstrap maid service. I guess it's really not a new concept, I think in the gay newspaper you can find people offering cleaning service in the buff for a slightly higher price. It's just that this one is better organized and have posted pictures so you know how the goods look like in advance. I have to admit that I was a little curious about that. It's constructive and erotic at the same time. Since cleaning and dusting is the task that I dread.

I have hired a guy once upon a time to clean my place, the guy was more than happy to get naked after he cleans and that turned into a very short term affair that ended eons ago. Nowadays I clean my own place, maybe naked at times but even though they don't have a representative here in Philly, I don't think I can be a jockstrap maid as my next career, or rather, no one would hire me with my clothes off. A friend asked me to teach him how to make cheesecake and that reminded me that my mom and her sisters have been instructors for housewives who want to learn how to be beauticians and florists alike, so maybe that's in my genes. Though nowadays, you'd have to be a chef or at least have a diploma of some kinds before you begin. Being ogled by elderly ladies is quite creepy and being naked in the kitchen is very dangerous.

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