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>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

I don't know since when the whole nation become so sensitive about everything, probably the same time someone decided that political correctness and putting "Warning: Content is HOT" on coffee cups. Everything you do or say will and could be held against you, especially if you're a public figure and not a Republican.

Take Rahm Emanuel for example, he was using the word "retard" to describe liberals in a closed door meeting and somehow words got out and people are calling him to be fired because he use the word "Retard" with a bad connotation. Um... huh? It's a closed door meeting, no mentally challenged person was presented. He wasn't calling on people to hurt the retards, or taking any rights from them. The lead of those calling for his resignation is Sarah Palin, obviously because she has a son with Down syndrome and so the word "retard" is now sacred to her and anybody use it in any kinda way will offend her and must be fired and disappear from his world. Kinda make you think if she'll still fight for the mentally challenged if her son was normal, and if she'll fight for the gays if one of her children turned out to be that way.

Last week, Fox's Family Guy aired a Valentine episode where Chris fell in love with a bossy girl with Down syndrome who claimed to be a former governor of Alaska's daughter. Of course, Sarah Palin was livid and wrote a Facebook post with her daughter Bristol decrying the unthinkable cruelty of Family Guy, stating that we should have more compassion to the less fortunate, certain things aren't funny and people should watch what they do or say to people in the special needs community. Turns out the voice actress who plays the girl with Down syndrome was herself a girl with Down syndrome. Her family had taught her that having a sense of humor is good, it helps her to live a normal life.

Footage of Jersey Shore's Ronnie exchanging words with a bar patron and called him a "F**king faggot" and a "F**king queer" right before getting in a brawl surfaced which he apologized. I'm sure no one is too surprised or offended by that. I mean if you're getting into a fight, are you gonna really watch what you say? That and being a juiced up, bronzed and being the cast member of a show about a bunch of people who's proud of being stereotypically guido. Come on. We're clearly not looking for role models in this bunch of folks.

Tiger Woods made a public apology for cheating on his wife many, many a time. I believe that he was sincere at times, saying money and fame has given him easy access to poontang and he felt like he's entitled to it. Though I can't believe that his wife never hit him, I mean you just don't get into a car accident in your own driveway. Obviously someone else wrote the speech for him or at least someone read through it and made certain changes. I have to say making a public apology like that is not easy. If sorry is indeed the hardest word, the difficulty level should multiply by the number of people you have to say it to.

The Olympics is under way and gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White's coach Bud Keene got overtly excited and you the F-word a few times when talking to Shaun. Unfortunately this private talk got picked up NBC and got broadcast to the audience. Nobody asked you to pry into it, so who's fault is it anyway? snowboarder Bronze metalist Scotty Lago got caught in a racy picture on TMZ. The boyfriend and I heard it and expected to see something nice but was really disappointed. Yet Scotty still had to apologize to the Olympics committee for disrespecting the medal he received and had to pack and go home early.

How easily should we feel offended and how many apologies are genuine? For the sake of self-preservation, I think we should all grow thicker skins.

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