Commercials That Don't Make Sense

>> Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Attending a party one night, the host got a little device that allow the user to go into Facebook on his wide flatscreen TV. Everyone in the living room was sitting around watching the tagged photos of every newcomer. I never liked my pictures much and not even showing the pictures I personally picked in my profile and go to some candid pictures that some other people took of me and show it to strangers I don't know had me embarrassed and flabbergasted. It also doesn't help that I was wearing one of my favorite shirts that also appeared "on TV" which made me realized that even though I had an adequate amount of winter clothes, I only like to wear certain ones. I need to get a few more items I liked. Passed by Old Navy today and their winter inventory is gone and they are selling short sleeve polo shirts and Bermuda shorts.

We just had close to 29 inches of snow while half of it is still on the sidewalks. I merely got by without wearing my boots and this coming Wednesday, it's said to have another 6 to 20 inches of snow again. So... who's buying short sleeve polos and shorts in this kinda weather? Maybe for chain stores, they lack the ability to adapt to regional needs and have to change seasons all at once so they don't have to advertise things in turns or maybe they just lack common sense in general.

Throughout the year of watching commercials and certain TV shows, I've somewhat been dismayed of the stereotypical portrayal of men and women. The male characters in the commercials are more often than not stupid, pervy, lazy couch potatoes that are pussy-whipped while their female counterparts are wise, smart, clean, the ones who really make decisions. I'm usually okay with it since I just play it off as that to be the stereotypical "straight" man and I understand that by having a girl to play dumb will generate a lot of comments calling it misogyny and there are no groups out there to protect the image of the male gender, but when a company is paying millions of dollars to cater and sell to a male-oriented event like the Superbowl, why put down the male sex?

Given I've already mastered the skill of tuning out on commercials but did they think that it'll make anyone wants to buy their products more?

And, do I have to watch/listen to this for the next 3 months?

What have I done to deserve this? It'll actually make me swear off Boost Mobile for the rest of my life.

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