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>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The main advantage of living in a city is that you can pretty much walk everywhere, the obstacles of this simple task, however, are other pedestrians and cars. The boyfriend and I have jokingly said that we should write an illustration book on identifying all the obstacles one can encounter on the street. A group of people who like to stand in the middle of the street waiting for friends or deciding what they want to do or just simply refusing to walk on the side while chitchatting. A group of family or friends that insist on walking slowly in front of you in a row or holding hands, slow walkers, old folks, tourists taking pictures of each other. The biggest menace of pedestrians would have to be stroller moms.

These creatures wield their strollers like a weapon because they have a kid, they think they achieve a social status and therefore entitled to special treatment. I guess I'm not the only one who's displeased by this norm, so when Marv Albert's daughter Denise Albert thought it was cute to express her mommy rage, she got the full impact of people like me.

Managing Mommy Rage

Move out of my way. Help me, please. Hold a door. Offer my kid your seat on the bus. Walk faster. Why so slow?

Out of my way, I’m a mom!

Yes, I have mommy rage. I don’t hide my feelings, and if you make me angry you will know it.

I’ve always been honest, vocal and very straightforward. But since becoming a mom all of those qualities have escalated to a heightened state.

If you see me trying to navigate a double stroller, why can’t you move out of my way? When my behind is scrunched up to the door, one foot behind me, one arm on a stroller handle, and another holding my other kid, would it kill you to just open the door and hold it? I mean, you are standing right there. What happened to common courtesy?

And if I get to a movie early to get a good seat, and you come strolling in as the previews are rolling, and you sit down, all 6 feet of you, in front of my kid, would you mind moving before I have to angrily ask you to?

If you work in a store, hurry up. I don’t always have time for small talk … especially when I’m with my kids. And I certainly don’t have time to wait while you are on your e-mail. I won’t be shy about letting you know.

I don’t want your animals touching or licking us, either. I don’t care if they are hypo-allergenic — someone did once try to calm me down with that rebuttal.

To some, this may seem aggressive or forceful but the bottom line is I know what I want, what I like, and how to get it done. So please, pay attention, be courteous, do your job correctly, and occasionally, lend a hand. Then us mommies with rage can use our useless anger for the good of others, too! Oh — and curb ramps are for things with wheels, so step aside.

I do so hate stroller moms for many reasons. I try to be a gentleman and open doors for them but often even standing there for a good half minute holding the door open obviously for their benefit, I will not heard a word of thanks back. The sense of entitlement is shocking, it makes me angry at time. The sidewalk is already slim in this old town and yet they insist on pushing their double wides in the middle of the sidewalk, there is no way you can avoid them and no space to move aside and yet they head on regardlessly ram ahead. If one more of these mom hit me on my shins or run over my leg, I will be forced to trip and fall on their kids. Their job as I understand is to protect their children and not use them with their weapons.

No, I will not move away if I find a seat in the theater and you should leave the theater if your kid start crying or talking loud, I might twist their legs off if they start kicking my seat. On the bus, I won't offer my seat to your kid either, put him on your lap. Courtesy goes both ways, you don't get special rights because you're a mom or a kid, you chose to have a child you should be prepared to take care of your child. I decided not to have kids, so leave me alone.

Here are some of the other responses to her post:

I take total exception to this article. I am a gay man and chose not to have biological children. There are states in this country where it is against the law for me to adopt children. YET, as a tax paying American citizen, 67% of my state tax dollars go to educating your children. I would be that at least 35% of my Federal taxes go to educating your children. Next time your stroller is on the way of the door when I am coming out of a building, perhaps you should hold the door for me, after all, I pay for your child's education. Perhaps you should move to the side of the pavement to let me pass, because I am in a rush to make money so I can pay the taxes I owe to educate your child. Remember, there are states in this Union where it is illegal for me to adopt a! I have a master's degree, am an art historian with five books under my belt. I own two small businesses with sales over two million a year per business. Let's just say that I am smart enough NOT to choose to raise kids in New York City, and I am barred from adopting children in states across this country...yet I pay for your kids to attend crappy public schools.

You know what .......get out of my way baby!

Do me a favor and kindly disassociate your state as a mom from your rage. If who you are is pushy and impatient, fine, but I have a feeling you were that way before you gave birth. Many (most?) of us manage to be civil and pleasant while also being moms. And when we do encounter rudeness and bad service, we don't use motherhood as an excuse to be rude right back.

....and then these Moms with Entitlement Syndrome wonder why people are hostile toward them. I can't imagine why!

I've been around mothers like you, Denise. The ones who expect everyone to prostrate themselves on the ground in awe of their Mommyhood. The ones who expect "common courtesy" from others but can't be bothered to give it themselves. The ones who think it's just fine when their kid talks through the movie, runs around the grocery store and knocks things down, or behaves in a rude manner.

Guess what? It's not all about you. Get over yourself.

oh, and for what it's worth, I'm the mom of two beautiful girls. I don't hang out with mothers like you. Raising kids in the city isn't easy. Nobody said that it was. But that sort of entitled, rude attitude is inappropriate whether you're a parent or not. And especially when you're a parent, what kind of attitude sets a very bad example for your kids. What are you teaching them, that they have the right to be jerks?

If you have time read the comments, no doubt a self-centered person like the writer hadn't realized the amount of shit that was gonna fall on her head.

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