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>> Thursday, June 28, 2007

I don't really know if this is true but I think my antibiotics are making me skinnier. I suffer from a loss of appetite and I can't keep anything in me for a long time.

Went to have dinner with DC last night, I hate how it feels like we are not friends whenever JEW is in town. But when he's gone, he calls me when he doesn't want to be alone and I feel obligated to be with him because I'm a good friend. He's either a slave to JEW (and it sounds that way.) Or JEW told him that I'm a bad influence, and he shouldn't hang out with me as much. Either way DC is a wuss.

So I guess me and Principe is going to Washington tomorrow, what is there to do in Washington? I'm not really into monuments and such, what do people do there? I've been to a bar called secrets and it was pretty exciting, but I didn't stay there for long. What else is there? I probably should do some in-depth research online. Whatever.

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