Keeping My Tonsils

>> Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last Friday when I was going to New York a sudden sharp pain was in my throat and since I woke up early that day, I thought the lack of sleep brought on my strep throat for the fourth time. I had problems swallowing, but it does not feel as severe and by yesterday it felt tremendously better. I still went to the doctor anyway, better sooner than later I thought, but then I found out that he's on vacation this week.

I somehow never thought that my doctor would go on vacation, it's just something that I never thought about. So then I went to my ENT specialist and he told me that it's tonsillitis. I guess the multiple time that I had strep throat has overworked my tonsils and they are now swollen and irritated. My main doctor told me if I get strep again, he'll take my tonsils out, and my colleague joked that it'll make me sterile, so I'm glad we didn't have to do that. Medications are prescribed, strange ones. Hopefully, it will go away soon. The coughing is getting to be annoying.

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