Music Review - Adam Joseph's "How I Seem to Be"

>> Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Being a loyal listener to the Podcast of "Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern", it's hard to notice this musical talent behind the show. Of course, there are other talents on the show as well, but one could really scarcely miss the soulful tunes of Adam Joseph. It's hard to make R&B and Soul pleasant. It is meant to be highly emotional, dramatic, but Adam managed to put an element of cool and ease into it.

Jonny mused that Adam Joseph is a black lady. "If you like Mary J. Blige, you'll like Adam Joseph. If you like Jill Scott, you'll like Adam Joseph. If you like Angie Stone, you'll like Adam Joseph." That proves to be true in my case. "How I Seem To Be" was released in 2003, with 9 regular and a bonus track. The whole album contains a lounge feel, soothing, relaxing, non-confrontational. Who knew indepedent music can be of such high quality.

This CD is only available at, which by the way provided the most pleasant CD buying experience I have ever had. I like it, it's pleasant. "B"

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