Nothing Lasts Forever

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, the porn star couple that I admired, Francois and Francesco, have seemingly broke apart. They no longer have links to the others blog anymore. Nothing has been said, but apparently they are apart. That's quite sad. It reminds me how things, especially beautiful things, don't last long. They get too much attention and eventually get exploited. Some say beautiful things have self-destructive fates, maybe it's too isolating to be beautiful. Anyway, I wouldn't know.

Inevitably, life goes on. That's what I'm telling myself with my boyfriend's upcoming departure from my life as I looking to purchase a return flight ticket for him online. I've been preparing for it for so long that I'm ready, maybe I would feel somewhat amiss if he's not. Seperation and loneliness, I guess I can never be ready enough. But I guess it open up another array of opportunities.

Lately, I have heard rumors about a drastic change in my job situation and I'm bored. I don't think I want to work here anymore. I don't think I want to work in the non-profit sector, I don't even think I want to do IT anymore. Maybe a change in my career path is in order. But in order to change my career path maybe I should go back to school for another degree to back it up. Something creative like advertising for a change? Should I get a MBA, it seems to be so hot right now. How would I finance it?

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