These Few Days

>> Monday, June 18, 2007

Been quite busy these few days, I had to go to New York with Principe to renew his passport. So we woke up bright and early on Friday to headed for the city. Then we headed for Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ, but we took the wrong bus and passed by what I think to be Weehawken with the largest and longest strip of Hispanic establishments I've ever seen, right next to Calle Ocho of Miami. Of course, Principe was really excited. I don't think he had seen so many people speaking his language all in one place since he's been in US. After a change of bus and an hour later, we finally got to Mitsuwa and had lunch when he got a phone call from the embassy that they won't be able to process his passport because our state of residence is under the management of the Washington D.C. office. Why does it matter anyway? New York is closer for us and they could have told us when we were there. So we went back to pick up his passport and headed over to Century 21 to shop for clothes. I didn't get much out of the day, at least I bought some comic books and I got be with him for another day. I'm gonna miss him so much when he's gone.

Saturday, I spent some time with ES. She put KEL with her husband so she can spent some time away from home. Funny, coz when I called her in the morning her husband sounded surprise to hear that she'll be joining me for lunch. She brought her new baby though, YAL is exactly one month old. We went for the all-you-an-eat seafood/sushi buffet. She's telling me how she's hungry all the time since she's feeding her baby. It was nice to catch up with her. Then I went to a street fair and bought a DVD, some coins and a necklace for Principe.

It's so hard to find true love, and mine is going away soon. I wish it were different but this is life's humor, is it not?

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