Overdosing Myself

>> Saturday, June 02, 2007

Well, Principe and I got strep throat about 6 weeks ago. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me some Penicillin, but since Principe don't have any insurance, I talked to the doctor that work with me and he wrote me a big prescription with enough medication that would last me for a year.

Then two weeks ago, my strep throat came back and I got a refill and got rid of it once again. Apparently it didn't clear up and this week it came back to bite me a third time. Well, the first time came by my doctor wrote me up a script for Pennicilin 250 mg for 10 days, but the one who works with me suggested 500 for 7 days. So I've been taking the 7 days version for the first two times. But when I saw the doctor this week he suggested double dosage, which in his mind means 500 mg for 10 days and in my head it translated to 1000 mg for 10 days. So I've been popping two pills each time, until I found out what went wrong. My doctor said, "you are big enough, you can take 500mg"

I mean it couldn't be that bad, since Penicillin itself is pretty harmless, but it sure had screwed me up and I wonder if I would develop any resistance in my body and maybe I'll develop some sort of strange disease or breakouts. I got a huge pimple on my face and I think it might be due to the fever I had or something. So unattractive. Anyway, I'm glad I found out early and now I should probably take the lower dosage. But would it be as effective now since I've overdosed?

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