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>> Monday, July 02, 2007

This time I'm talking about my trip to Washington DC instead of my friend DC. Actually I was quite looking forward to go to Washington this past Friday with Principe. Since the city is still abit new to me, I was looking forward to get to know the place better. On our way to DC, there was this asshole sitting behind me. I don't call people asshole this easily, but this guy just got on my nerve so much. It's the kicking of my chair for half the trip, given I never lower my seat, I find that inconsiderate. But not only that, this guy trashed his seat and the empty chairs behind him with his cup of soda, fast food wrappings and boxes, it's like a hurricane have blown the trash through. And then he yelled at a baby's mother because the baby was crying. "Give him a bottle or something, people can't sleep." Though the baby didn't even cry for an entire minute. What an asshole, I thought to myself, as he pushes his way off the bus. Sometimes, I wish I have the recklessness of punching people on their face, before thinking about the consequences.

DC was rainy. Principe has his heart on getting his passport, but when we get there, they say they can't do it until the end of August, and she told us to be there at 9am. Why can New York's embassy do it and not Washington DC's? "It's a different procedure." That explains it... Instead of coming over the night before and spending money on hotel room, I told Principe to just pretend we are from the states under New York's embassy's area. I used to live in Rhode Island, we'll go to New York next time and use that address. Just use a different voice and hopefully they won't be able to recognize him.

We walked around Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and had lunch afterwards, there is actually nothing much to see. The chinatwon in DC don't have basic essentials like barbershop and pastry shops anywhere, which leads me to believe that it's there just for show. I've heard there's a big Chinese community across the river on Virginia's side. We ended up coming home early because there's nothing much to do there. Home is always better anyway.

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