Weekend Meme: 55 Fun Things To do Meme

>> Saturday, August 07, 2010

Today I'm celebrating the boyfriend's birthday and we're heading out to Six Flags Great Adventure! I haven't been to a theme park since about 8-9 years ago at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor which was shortened by a thunderstorm and ended with me yelling at a park ranger who was intentionally blocking one of the exits while everyone was scramming to get out of the park. Good times!

So I found a list of 55 fun things to do which was aim for pregnant women who can't have sex. So the meme is simple, just bold the ones you have done and strike the ones that don't interest you at all, elaborations would be nice.

1. Go on a picnic with friends
2. Bake cookies
3. Play on the monkey bars at the park
4. Go out to eat
5. Slide down a grass hill on a block of ice
6. Go horseback riding
7. Go roller blading - Tried it once, I have two left feet.
8. Do something kind for a needy person
9. Go bowling
10. Try making a new recipe

11. Throw a 70’s party
12. Get your friends and go on a video scavenger hunt - Don't know what this is, don't think I'll be interested.
13. Wash each other’s car - Don't have a car!
14. Go people watching at the airport
15. Explore an interesting part of your town
16. Get some culture and go to a symphony or ballet - meh
17. Ride bikes in the park
18. Go to a deli and order something you’ve never tasted
19. Dedicate a song on the radio - Since I don't drive, I haven't listened to the radio for years!
20. Write each other poems

21. Volunteer at soup kitchen
22. Go to a museum
23. Ride a carousel - Not since forever, but I'd still like to... if nobody's watching!
24. Get a group together for volleyball
25. Take a walk together
26. Plan a mystery dinner for friends
27. Go to church together
28. Dress up and go to McDonald’s
29. Get friends and play board games
30. Send a funny card

31. Learn how to swing dance - We're bears, ok?
32. Join a coed softball team
33. Jump on a trampoline - I'd like that very much!
34. Look at travel books and find places you would like to go
35. Chop up things in the blender and make “food-art” - Um, no.
36. Read a book and discuss it
37. Do homework together - You mean house chores?
38. Audition for parts in a school play - How old are these pregnant women? Underage?
39. Have breakfast at sunrise - Unless we didn't get to sleep, we're both late-risers.
40. Hide love notes where the other will find them

41. Spend an evening with each other’s families - No chance in hell.
42. Choose a special song
43. Do a craft project
44. Take a fun class at your community college together
45. Have a candlelight dinner with another couple
46. Search for “treasures” in second hand stores - We do this all the time.
47. Volunteer at a crisis nursery
48. Send candy or flowers
49. Have a campfire
50. Tie die T-shirts - I don't think these had ever been in style even though I've had one or two in my teenage years.

51. Rescue a puppy or kitty from the pound - I'd really love to but I don't have the space.
52. Take a car full of kids to the drive-in movie - Can you imagine? And where can you find a drive thru theater?
53. Blow up balloons and stuff a friends car - That'd be cute.
54. Have a canned whipped cream fight outside
55. “Kidnap” a friend at 6:00 a.m. and go out to breakfast It's ground to end a friendship.

As always, have a great weekend!

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