Fire and Ice

>> Monday, August 09, 2010

Saw this clip at Erik's blog weeks back and it is quite disturbing indeed. It started out slowly, but it picks up quick.

Sixty-five years ago in the beginning of August, two nuclear bomb were detonated in Japan and since then the amount of bomb tested every year is mind boggling. At some point in the video it turns into cockfight between two countries and at others, the sounds of explosion between different countries and time passed turned into an electronica symphony. It makes you wonder why all these tests when none were used in actual war. How much money can be saved if we just stick to one formula and stop all the testing.

I can't imagine that all the nuclear bomb tests did not impact the earth one bit. Couldn't it be one of the factors of global warming? Earthquakes? Do all the radiation created really affect no one?

One sign of global warming being true is that an ice glacier sheet four times the size of Manhattan nicknamed the "ice island" has just collapsed and broke off the Petermann Glacier 620 miles South of the North Pole, west of Greenland.

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