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Rejoice! Prop 8 was overturned as expected! The religious rights are majorly pissed off while liberal and gays alike are glad and celebratory, so being gay I guess I have no choice but rejoice! There were supposed to be nationwide rallies following the decision of the court, but I don't quite understand the purpose of the rallies if our side wins. Guess what? Most of them turned out to be celebration parties. Great! Now why didn't Philadelphia have our own rally party?

Aside from this great news, yesterday was full of fakers:

Jennifer Aniston had a photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar as Barbara Streisand

I think she did pretty well. I was never much of a Streisand fan but other than the not-so-pronounced nose I do think Jennifer Aniston captured some of her essence.


Lousy Sculpture Fake Outrage

This video has been making the rounds, but it seems to be a made up news just to get YouTube clicks and get people talking about the station to spike ratings. A cherub ice sculpture? It looks like some ice balls put together and that certainly doesn't take 8 hours and who'd go so far as pushing the sculpture?


I first saw this on Fail Blog and found it incredibly funny. Later on I was curious enough to go to Slate.com for the original letter and response from the Dear Prudence column:

Q. Bi Man Unintentionally Opens Can of Worms With In-Laws: I have a rather unusual problem, and I don't feel I have anywhere to turn but you. I'm a 33-year-old man who's been married for seven years. The issue is, I am bi-sexual and have known so for quite some time. My quandary is, about a month ago I responded to a posting on Craigslist. It was from an older gentleman who, like myself, is bi and was looking for some discreet fun. In responding to the ad, I sent a faceless/headless picture of myself without a shirt on. He responded back to me with some pictures that were a bit more graphic and a phone number. Upon seeing the number, I became immediately undone. It was the cell phone number of my wife's dad—my father-in-law! Once I realized it was him, I never responded back to him. I received several e-mails subsequently asking me what was going on and if I was still interested. However, not only did he e-mail me from his personal e-mail address, stupidly, he used the joint one with my mother-in-law. Fast-forward a few weeks. My mother-in-law was checking e-mail and somehow found the exchange between my father-in-law and myself. Obviously, and justifiably, she has become hysterical. She found the e-mail that I sent to him (from an anonymous e-mail address) that had my picture. It gets worse; she told my wife and her sister and brother, and they are trying to figure out who this guy is who "seduced" dad. At this point, I am freaking out as my wife is wanting to see my picture, but her mother has not shown it to her yet. Do I bite the bullet and let the cat out of the bag that I am the two-home home wrecker, or should I let my wife and in-laws continue to play detective? I feel such guilt as my wife cries on my shoulder as she tells me the latest developments every day.

A: Your posting didn't say, "I like pina coladas, and getting lost in the rain," did it? Because your letters sounds like an updated version of the dreadful Rupert Holmes song. Though I would like to see a movie version of this in which Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller end up as the lovely couple, it's time for someone in this family to be straight about not being straight. If you are committed to sending out headless photos of yourself in order to cheat on your wife with other men, you have to tell her about this right now. It's not just because you want to get ahead of her having that flash of recognition when she sees the photo of the "seducer's" torso and recognizes the pattern of moles. It's because you are lying and cheating and potentially endangering your wife's health.
I do think the original letter has painted a picture that's a bit too good to be true. I can just imagine the horror on everyone's face when they found out the subplot that's going on between the husband and the father-in-law. Though the probability of them both be gay and the stupid father-in-law using a "joint" email account with the wife to cruise for gay sex is really low.

Of course, I also find Prudence's response to this letter to be most bluff and slightly homophobic. No every closeted gay men who's engaging in extramarital gay sex goes unprotected and not all of them have STDs. Though if this is a real story, the husband should tell his wife that he's out looking for gay sex anyway. Can't go about for the rest of his life not being true to who he is.

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