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>> Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've been always secretly jealous of my friends' great graphic t-shirts. Despite of a recent episode of What Not To Wear telling guys shouldn't be wearing t-shirts and shorts if they are too old to for the frat boy look, I like the comfort of it. I tend to be specific on the graphic tees I wear, it's like a statement that requires to be interesting, describe a personality or at the very least it has to be something that I can believe in. Great choices out there is so little and if they exist, my trendier friend would have picked them out already which leaves me with a sad face.

On the other hand, the boyfriend and I had some t-shirt ideas. The boyfriend likes to draw, design and take pictures and he's pretty damn good at it while I have rage against idle pedestrians and stroller moms alike and harbor passive aggressive secret agendas, it'll be good if I can express them through t-shirts. Browsing through Flickr, I think I've found the mother lode. is a place where people can post their pictures, artwork and t-shirt designs where other people can purchase them. For artwork, it is sold in various forms like laminated, matted, framed, mounted, canvas prints, or posters, cards, calender and sticker forms, each with different size selections. For t-shirt designs, you can choose between a regular t-shirt, a hoodie, kid's or infant t-shirt or a baby one-piece. The designer are not charged for any item sold, instead the website charges a base price from the customer per item and the designer can set a price for each item that he/she wants to receive. For example, the site charges US$ 19.95 for each t-shirt sold, if the designer wants to get US$10 for each t-shirt, the customer will have to pay $29.95 if they want to buy that specific t-shirt. Additional shipping and handling for about US$6.

It is a bit expensive but the good thing about is that they have tons of pictures and artworks to choose from, just for t-shirts they have thousands of designs for each keyword you put in. For some of them, the color of the print could change according to the t-shirt colors and even the t-shirts have around 20 choices.

Here are my favorites:

Click to see the exact design and play with colors

From millions of colorful extraordinary designs, I found these simpler, tamer ones, I wonder what it says about me. If I had the dough, I'll probably buy all of them enhancing my t-shirt collection. Ah, one can dream.

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