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>> Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I have read the Lindsay Lohan bit a a few days ago but I wasn't feeling like writing about it. For the DUI she was sentenced to jail for 90 days and got released after two weeks into a rehab facilities. I have heard about the luxuries rehab resorts in California, I wonder if she is going to one of those. The whole justice system is skewed in favor to the rich and famous, and other than OJ, white as well. A person with drug charges can get sentenced longer than a killer, so Lindsay got out after 2 weeks. Oh well.

There is something incomprehensibly tragic about child stars. After experiencing their early successes, there are little else to look forward to for the rest of their life. In rare occurrence, you get your second or third waves of success like Justin Timberlake but most of them keep on trying and trying with little or no results. It's stressful, especially for young starlets who are followed by a swarm of paparazzi trying to pick them apart and make up stories for tabloids. Given, Lindsay Lohan is not any revered actress and quite easily replaceable, but even though I find the obsession of drugged up, drunk, slutty young actress with little under their belts completely annoying, I do feel for them. I blame the showbiz parents has no parenting skills, who pimp their children out at a young age to make a buck out of them the true culprits. Though, keeping Lindsay in jail might just be a better remedy for her.


In other California news, We should hear a decision from the California federal court today about their decision on Perry vs. Schwarzenegger to overturn Proposition 8. According to the proceedings and the weak witnesses, the probability of Prop 8 being overturned is high. If you're interested in an immediately text notification on the decision, text EQUAL to 69866.

In relevant news, political analyst David Fleicher has finally published his report saying that the reason why the majority supported equality during the initial survey but overturned in the voting booth was because of this commercial aired and had parents worrying for the children:

It's strange that people thing children rights are more important than adult rights. Children are more resilient than people think and saying that men can married men is not such a horrible thing to tell children, actually it might just be the best thing one can hope for to sprout the message of equality in their minds. Boys can marry boys if they so choose to, it's normal, if not, it should be normal. That message is better than lies, message of shame and hate. With the God card and the kid card, what about equal rights for us men who don't believe in God and don't plan to have children?

I'll cross my fingers that Prop 8 will be overturned.

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