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>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm surprised that the JetBlue flight attendant story had warranted such attention. I guess it was a great storm off scene, I would have loved to have slid down the airplane slide as well. Every time I fly, I do fantasize what happen if we landed somewhere in the ocean. What flotation device is nearby, where the mask will fall from and where is the closest exit. Good thing I never had to evacuate a plane in those circumstances.

Even though Slater's grandfather swore that the passenger must have done something very horrible for him to throw a tantrum like that, Slater's colleague said he does have a history to storm off when things don't get his way. And from his camera appearance, it seems like he does know how to throw around some sass. There are tremendous support for Slater which is rare since the guy is obviously gay and the media usually avoid good things in the gay community like they avoid leper and even though with the quote of the "sexual embrace", people are still behind this guy.

Various Facebook pages have popped up about him with supporters in the 100,000s overnight. He was able to make bail and another Facebook page had already been set up to support his legal fund. Late night TV is all over this one and even Roger Ebert and Rush Limbaugh has commented on it in support. A Taiwanese animation, a song, there's even a new T-shirt about the incident that I'm thinking about buying. I guess people generally bottle up a lot of emotions and we're all waiting to find opportunities to lash out.

With all this exposure, what I'm really curious about is the identity of the rude female passenger who undid her seatbelt and retrieve her luggage disregarding safety rules and caused a gash on Slater's forehead. What kind of a bitch was she and why not punish her by exposing her identity for the modern version of a public stoning to commence? (I have been known to keep listening to my iPod regardless of the turn off all electronics instructions, so I'm not really one to talk.)

I hope Mr. Slater will be hired back on JetBlue but it is a difficult situation. No passengers would like to know that their flight attendant will potentially curse them out. Maybe promoting him into a trainer position for his excellent operation skills of the inflatable slide or at the very least they should pay him a severance package and let him go the right way. Flight attendant should definitely have the power to blacklist rude and uncooperative passengers. For all we know, that lady could have a bomb or a luggage of snakes ready to unleash on the motherfucking plane, no?

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