TV Round Up (Aug 10 Edition)

>> Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer is nearing its end, at least for TV seasons anyway. There's really nothing good to watch accept maybe a few shows, for some reason RuPaul's Drag U doesn't seems as interesting when you're making real life women into drag queens, if they would only transform regular guys instead.

1. True Blood

Seems like a lot of people had been complaining about the gay elements on the show as if it's a bad thing. Yes, every episode have some naked guys in it and they are all great looking guys and some physically imposing. By comparison, there aren't a lot of new naked, great looking new female characters on the show, but sorry straight viewers having one show with great looking naked guys is not even enough to counter balance every other shows. So will you just let us have this one?

All the male characters on the show minus a few minor ones are all good to look at. Sure Stephen Moyer looks like he's aging quickly, Ryan Kwanten looks a bit tweaked out and Alexander Skarsgard is just too skinny and not my type but I'm waiting for them to exploit Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry) a little bit more and can we marvel at Joe Manganiello just a little more? The guy looks like he should be selling paper towels. There's the occasional shock of female nudity but its well worth it. Only 3 more episodes to go in this season and I'm already missing it.

2. Being Human

Another show about vampires and werewolves brought to you by BBC. It's way toned down from True Blood, there is still violence involved but the story is more about how these supernatural beings trying to fit into normal society.

Mitchell is a vampire who's fighting off his addiction to human blood, to do so he has became a loner and separated himself from the vampire society, taken a lowly job of being a potter for a local hospital. The vampire found himself sharing a house with a newly turned werewolf played by the cute Russell Tovey here and a recently died female ghost who are trying to figure out how their recent transformation will mean for their futures.

This show is more reality driven and less flamboyant than True Blood but the werewolf still get naked a lot during transformation.

3. Weeds

Season 6 of Weeds just started up this week. The suburban baroness of weeds has gone through quite an ordeal throughout the years and during the course it has lost the quaint surprising edge. After the valley fire in Season 3, the Botwins have moved down to their relatives somewhere down the shore of Southern California, so the reunion with its former cast seemed too far-fetched. I'm still watching, mostly due to the great writings in the previous seasons, although Alexander Gourd who played Shane Botwin is starting to creep me out.

4. The Big C

Starring Laura Linney as Cathy, a high school teacher who has been diagnosed with stage IV melanoma cancer. Knowing that she has limited time to live, Cathy set out to put her life back in order, that include dumping her childish husband, setting her spoiled son right, reeling in her homeless brother and teaching her students lessons outside of textbooks.

I have to say I'm not so fond of Oliver Platt and the young actor that plays her son also looks quite bloated but stories abou cancer patients do touch me in a deeper level. I'd be interested to see how they come up with a second season for a show about a dying person. Wrong diagnosis? New medications?

5. Rizzoli & Isles

Yes, the acting and plotlines are horrible and unconvincing. Yes, Angie Harmon is a right-wing loon and possibly a racist. Yes, she was just playing the same characters a few years ago in another detective/medical examiner novel turn TV series. Even though it's tragic, I'm still watching it against all my good judgment. Maybe I liked Womens Murder Club novels and it leaves me a good impression even after watching that TV adaptation.


Other than that Top Chef is coming to an end while Project Runway started with too many designers for me to keep track and familiarize myself with the group. I'm sure a new batch of TV shows will start in a month, gotta keep myself entertained.

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