Who The Hell Does That?

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yesterday right before 5, I was seating in my living room watching TV and all the sudden I heard sounds of water dripping coming from my bathroom. I first thought it's my faucet and I haven't closed it tight enough, but when I go see there was water leaking from my ceiling. After calling maintenance to notify them, part of the bathroom ceiling came crashing down and now the water is coming down in a full brown rain. Now I'm panicking.

The 5-minutes wait for the maintenance person turns to be an eternity and I'm pacing up and down the block looking for that person hoping he didn't just blow me off and went home instead and after he looked around the building, he told me that it wasn't a pipe burst. My upstairs neighbor decided to turn on his faucet in the bathroom sink and go to sleep. Who does that?

Later he called to apologize and clarified that he was talking on the phone with a friend with suicidal thoughts. Still, now my bathroom is flooded, and so is the person living under me. There's massive clean up, laundry, throwing out stuff that has been broken and unusable. There are still things falling from upstairs. What have I done to deserve this?

Most curious of all is that along with some rocks and some chunks of wood falling down, I found a couple of bullet shaped metals with a market in the back saying Super-X. After looking around online, it turns out they are indeed... bullets. I wonder what they are doing between the walls. Maybe there's a piece on top of my ceiling somewhere, I wish there is also a duffel bag full of cash up there as well. That would definitely make the story a lot better than someone forgot to turn off their faucet and ruined my bathroom.

Anyway, I'm in the mood of Bambi's mom right here:


Here's another thing where common sense dictate people shouldn't do - Resisting arrest.

One female subject turned and began to walk away. The officer again instructed her to step over to his car. She continued to walk away and appeared to raise her hand in a dismissive gesture. The officer contacted the female subject and began escorting her back toward his car. The female subject began to tense up her arm and pull away from the officer while yelling at him. Once at the patrol car the female subject refused to obey the officer's commands to place her hands on the car. When the officer again tried to gain control of her, she pulled away and twisted, breaking free of the officer's grip several times.

At this time a large crowd gathered around the officer. When the officer tried to handcuff the female subject, another female subject intervened. The second female subject placed her hands on the officer's arm, causing the officer to believe she was attempting to physically affect the first subject's escape. The officer pushed the second subject back, but she again came at the officer, at which time he punched her. The second subject moved away and the officer was able to handcuff the first subject and place her in the back seat of his patrol car. As the officer contacted and subsequently escorted the second subject over to his patrol car, she too tried to pull and twist away from him. The officer restrained her until backup officers arrived, at which time the second subject was handcuffed.
The Internet has been abuzzed about a 17 year-old girl getting punched in the face by a Seattle policeman over a jaywalking incident but after watching and reading what it is all about, I tend to side with the cop. Getting pulled over for jaywalking is inherently stupid, but the girls should have followed the cop's order, it is just common sense. Maybe the cop just wanted to give the girls a warning, but when they're brushing him off like he's not important, of course he will make sure that they learn a lesson. The cop is not a creepy old guy at the bar who wants their phone numbers, they can't curse at him and wrestle him out. It's good that he isn't using his taser or draw his gun. At the same time, it could have easily gone more out of hand if he wasn't surrounded and filmed. The girls should consider themselves lucky for just having gotten a punch in the face. If they have had more common sense, none of this would have to happen.

Sorry for ranting.

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